The Ultimate Glock Reliability Test

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The Ultimate Glock Reliability Test

So if there is one thing that Glock pistols are known for, it’s their reliability. Besides their blocky modern design, and polymer frame, the Glock Reliability is unparalleled in the world of guns.

Glock Reliability

These things are meant to take any beating you can possibly throw at them, and keep firing. You can bury them in sand, freeze them, kick them around, and they will still function.

Well this video will serve to test this assumption to the maximum extent. The legendary FPS Russia takes Glock torture tests to an absolutely crazy new level. Between completely freezing the thing, to putting it in a furnace for a while, to shooting the crap out of it – this is the ultimate test for a gun’s reliability.

Can any other gun stand up to this kind of brutish beating? Good luck…

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