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Best Concealed Carry Handgun – Glock 27

Best Concealed Carry Handgun - Glock 27

Concealed Carrying weapons is more of a common occurrence than most people think or realize. Many people carry a concealed weapon with them daily to work, the store, and just about anywhere outside of the home. A concealed carry permit is in my opinion a very good idea to get. There’s no way the government can regulate and legislate safety (take Virginia Tech for example, a gun-free campus), so it’s up to us as private citizens to show would-be shooters or attackers that we are not to be messed with. A shooter would be far less likely to open fire on a group if he wasn’t sure how many of them were concealing weapons, and . . .

Best Glock – Glock 22

Best Glock - Glock 22

Glock handguns are some of the best handguns available today. Some people hate them, while people love them. But what Glock handgun is the ‘Best Glock’? This question comes down a lot to personal preference, but there are a few aspects of each Glock that will put some ahead of others. These Austrian made, polymer frame handguns have always been known for their modern and blocky styling, simplicity in its moving parts and function, reliability over time, and the infamous ‘Safe trigger’ system, that put the safety of the gun in the trigger. No worrying about another safety switch when you need the gun to fire, if you pull the trigger on a Glock, it will fire.

But again to . . .

Best Handgun for Home Defense – Glock 21

Best Handgun for Home Defense - Glock 21

Having a gun for home defense is a very important thing to consider, and because this is a site about handguns, we’ll talk about those (even though a pistol grip shotgun would probably be a better choice). Home Invasions for robbery, kidnapping or sexual assault are still a problem in today’s society, and the best way to protect yourself and more importantly your family is to have a gun ready. We wanted to look at the best type of handgun and a specific model in that type that would be the Best Handgun for Home Defense.

We’ve chosen the full-size, semi auto, .45 ACP Glock 21 from Glock as the Best Handgun for Home Defense. We . . .

Best Handgun for Home Security – Part 1

Best Handgun for Home Security - Part 1

Best Handgun for Home Security
So lets discuss the issue of the Best Handgun for Home Security. It’s a topic that I guarantee has kept many fathers up late at night, wondering how they fulfill their paternal duty. It’s your job to protect your household from whatever trouble may befall it, and if you are lucky enough to live in a place where guns are alright to defend your home with in the even of an attack (sorry California), a handgun is one of your best options for doing so.

But selecting that individual gun model isn’t quite as important as keeping the right mindset and practices in place for storing and using your firearm. You can . . .

Best Handgun for Home Security – Part 2

Best Handgun for Home Security - Part 2

Please catch up on the first article in this series – Best Handgun for Home Security Part 1.

We left off part way through describing how your handgun needs to be able to be used in high stress situations.
Night Compatible
The Best Handgun for Home Security also needs to be one that is easy to use at night. This could mean a few different things, but the most common outlets would be fluorescent/glowing night sights or attached lasers or flashlights. Either one of those are really not that expensive to implement, but could mean the world when going toe-to-toe with a home invader in the pitch black.

For Handgun Night Sights check out the TruGlo Handgun Sights . . .

Best Handgun for Stopping Power – S&W 500

Best Handgun for Stopping Power - S&W 500

If you are looking for a handgun for pure stopping power, then you have come to the right place. I live up here in Montana, and have friends from Alaska, so we’ve seen some of the bigger wildlife in North America. Some people think that some of the huge guns are overkill in any situation. Well, when you have an 8 foot tall Grizzly bear walking around your tent at night, and you’re questioning if he’s just curious or ready to maul, is there such thing as a handgun that is too big? We want a gun that is able to stop almost any living thing in its tracks. But what gun can claim to be the . . .

Best Handgun for Women

Best Handgun for Women

Handguns for Women are becoming more and more of a normal thing in today’s culture. There are a lot of messed up people out there, so sexual assaults, rapes and violent crimes are still a real threat to women everywhere. You never know what is going to happen. But what is the ‘Best Handgun for Women’ to carry with them to protect themselves? A gun for women is a completely different thing than one for men, mostly because of hand size and strength. It’s much more comfortable for women to shoot a smaller sized gun, with a lighter trigger pull and smaller recoil than a standard sized semi auto handgun. But what is the best handgun for women . . .

Best Handgun Safe – V Line Pistol Safes

Best Handgun Safe - V Line Pistol Safes

Keeping your handgun safe and locked up is a very important thing to do. Every year there is a news story about a young child finding a gun in their parent’s bedroom and accidentally shooting themselves or another sibling. It’s a sad and horrible thing, and is something that can be almost completely prevented by locking your guns up in a gun safe. Most gun safes are made for larger rifles and shot guns, but there are also a large amount of smaller handgun safes that are meant to fit about anywhere, and are perfect for keeping a gun in your bedroom for easy access, while keeping it locked up to prevent a horrible accident. But what is . . .

Best Pistol Caliber

Best Pistol Caliber

The term ‘Best Pistol Caliber’ is a very open ended one. The answer to that will greatly depend on what the handgun is being used for. Self defense against a human, home defense, concealed carry? We will try to balance out all of the different aspects of the round to determine the best, all around, general purpose caliber for handguns. We used four categories for the judging; history, availability, stopping power, round size and capacity.

With those categories in mind, we have choosen the .45 ACP as the Best Pistol Caliber.
The .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) round was designed back in 1904 by John Browning for use in semi auto handguns, which were also being designed at that . . .

Best Pocket Pistol – Kahr PM9

Best Pocket Pistol - Kahr PM9

Pocket pistols (specifically the small, semi auto handguns), are a great option for people who choose to carry a concealed weapon regularly or daily. Some consider them to only be backup weapons for a larger, more powerful self defense handgun, but sometimes that larger gun isn’t feasible to carry regularly. That is where the best pocket pistol thrives. It’s small enough to conceal in the front pocket of jeans or dress pants, so it can be a great option to wear daily. While some may think that they are inadequate for actual self-defense situations, newer pocket pistols are shooting some higher handgun calibers, which provide plenty of stopping power (9mm, .40 S&W, and even the . . .

Best Revolver – S&W vs. Ruger

Best Revolver - S&W vs. Ruger

The revolver has been an American icon since the handgun was invented. It predates all of the fancy semi auto handguns, and has an aura of style that is hard to match. Their design is simple, clean and classic, which makes revolvers the most reliable and accurate guns available. They are simply a cylinder with 5-6 chambers for bullets that rotates to load a new bullet into the chamber area. Their actions are simple, and have made them the go-to gun for many people. They were initially made famous from their use as the standard side-arm for hundreds of year, in military use, cowboy westerns, concealed carry and about every other area of life. Clint Eastwood made . . .

Best Revolver Brand – Smith and Wesson

Best Revolver Brand - Smith and Wesson

Revolvers have been an icon as the American handgun since the handgun was invented. The infamous six shooter was made famous in Western culture, and shaped how the Western United States was formed. These guns featured a cylinder that contained multiple bullet chambers that rotated as one of the bullets was fired through the barrel. Most of them have either a 5 or 6 round capacity. They are the simplest, most reliable and most accurate handgun type that you can buy. There are many manufacturers who produce revolvers in today’s world, but who can claim the title as the ‘Best Revolver Brand’?

That will come down to a few different areas we will have to judge the brands by . . .

Best Survival Handgun – Ruger SP101

Best Survival Handgun - Ruger SP101

Intro / Defining Survival
The whole industry of survival and wilderness preparedness has become hugely popular within the last few years. More and more people are realizing how fragile our society is, and in the event of a global catastrophe, how will we survive?

Being the site ‘Best Handgun’, we are now going to look at the Best Survival Handgun for a wilderness survival situation. Please note that we are in fact talking about ‘wilderness’ and not urban, and will focus on the best gun for surviving in the wild if you could only have ONE gun.

Lets get into it!
Type of Handgun
So the first thing we will talk about is what TYPE of gun you should look at . . .

Concealed Carry Holsters

Concealed Carry Holsters

So you’ve just picked up your concealed carry permit. Now you’re looking for a great way to exercise your Second Amendment right to carry a gun with you in situations that you feel necessary. But how are you going to carry your concealed handgun? We’re going to look at a few different types of concealed carry holsters, and hopefully help you figure out what one is best for your and your unique situation.

Most of the decision process in selecting a concealed carry holster will depend on your situation and personal preference. If you are a woman who usually wears skirts and blouses to work everyday, it would be much harder and almost ridiculous to try and . . .

How to Choose a Handgun

How to Choose a Handgun

With recent events such as the Aurora, CO theater shootings and the complete lawlessness in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Americans are realizing more and more that the only way to truly ensure the safety of themselves and their families is to arm themselves. If you don’t have a gun already, now is the absolute best time to get one before they get more expensive and more limited. But with so much information out there, making a decision on what handgun to get is difficult. This is why we are going to go over How to Choose a Handgun, and get the gun that is perfect for you.

We’ll walk you through the decision process of figuring out . . .

Best Concealed Carry Handgun Type

Best Concealed Carry Handgun Type

So now to start the age old debate of what is the Best Concealed Carry Handgun Type to take with you on a daily basis.

The amount of concealed carry permits today is growing incredibly rapidly, as more and more Americans bring it upon themselves to arm themselves. They realize that they are the only ones truly responsible for their and their family’s protection.

But as many people are starting their search for the best type of gun to get for concealed carry, they start off at this roadblock – Revolver or Semi-Automatic for carrying concealed?
So Revolvers have obviously been around for longer than semi-automatics, and have for a long time been the go-to type . . .

Best 1911 Pistol – Colt 1911

Best 1911 Pistol - Colt 1911

The 1911 pistol design has been around for almost 100 years now. Originally designed by John M. Browning, this was the standard-issue side firearm for the United States military for over 70 years. It is arguably the best handgun design of all time, and certainly one of the most popular handguns available today. The design is a handgun classic, and the favorite of many handgun aficionados around the world. The M1911 handgun is made by many manufacturers, but a few have risen to the top. Those top few include Kimber, Springfield Armory, Smith and Wesson, and Colt. Some argue that others should be in there, but these are universally recognized as the best 1911 pistol brands. But what one . . .

Best 40 Cal Handgun – Glock 23

Best 40 Cal Handgun - Glock 23

The 40 cal round (.40 S&W) round is an absolutely fantastic round. It is a great balance between the power of the .45 ACP and the size of the 9mm. The .40 is a decently wide and heavy round, so it has very good stopping power, while still being able to be double stacked in a magazine for maximum capacity when you really need it. But what gun manufacturer makes the Best 40 Cal Handgun? Some of the favorites are the Glock pistols, Springfield XDm’s, Walther P99 and the Smith and Wesson M&P’s. But what one can claim the top as the Best 40 Caliber Handgun?

With four categories in mind; reliability, reputation, price . . .

Best Beretta – Beretta 92

Best Beretta - Beretta 92

Beretta Handguns are some of the most popular handguns in the world. They are the oldest handgun manufacturer in the world (Started in 1526), based out of Italy, and have been made famous by the M9 (Model 92 Civilian). They are an overall great gun manufacturer, and will continue to be one of the best in the world. Their designs are a mix of classic / elegant, and modern / cool. But what is the ‘Best Beretta’?

We’ve judge that question based off of 4 different categories; popularity, size, reliability and ammo or round. Based off of those three categories, we have chosen the Beretta 92 as the ‘Best Beretta’ available.  A close second was the Px4 Storm, but it was . . .

Best Concealed Carry Caliber

Best Concealed Carry Caliber

Choosing the ‘Best Concealed Carry Caliber’ can be a tough decision. It’s a complete compromise between stopping power, and round size and capacity for concealment. If you focus too much on the stopping power (like the .44 mag), then usually the gun you will have to go with a bigger gun with less round capacity. If you lean too much on the round size and capacity (like a 22 long rifle pistol), you will be almost effective as a slingshot against a charging man.

We have looked at the most popular pistol calibers with those two categories in mind, and have chosen the .40 S&W as the ‘Best Concealed Carry Caliber’.
Stopping Power
The .40 S&amp . . .